About Us

VARMA Clothing

Glófi has been a leading force in the development and production of Icelandic wool knitwear since the company was founded in Akureyri in 1982.


Our flagship is the Icelandic fleece, which has a history spanning over a millennium in harsh Icelandic weather conditions. The wool is warm, light, breathable, and water repellent. For a long time the Icelandic wool was one of Iceland’s biggest exports. Glófi is proud to honour this extraordinary material, its history, and Icelandic clothing production.

The production process for wool yarn is incredibly sustainable. We use natural sources such as clean water and geothermal energy when making our wool yarn. The Icelandic sheep roam freely in nature grazing on grass and wild flora. The cleaning of the wool is done as free of chemicals and detergents as possible in order to protect its natural oil coating; resulting in a warm, light and water repellent wool clothing. That said, we are constantly trying to improve the texture and softness of the wool without losing its inherent qualities.


Glófi is a market driven company manufacturing over 80 different products with its brand VARMA and dozens of products with other brands. VARMA emphasizes innovation and product development, focusing on the environmentally conscious customer. VARMA stands for timeless pieces of clothing that are well suited for Icelandic weather, be it city or country life.

VARMA mostly uses wool yarn from Ístex, which is processed from Icelandic wool. Quality is always our trademark.


Glófi production is located in midtown Reykjavík, which is quite unusual in our industry and almost unheard of in Northern-Europe. We are proud of being different. Our staple, the Icelandic wool, is processed right here in its country of origin. We are strong believers in local business opportunities. We create jobs in Iceland, enrich the culture and last but not least we have the utmost respect for Mother Nature.